Our Unique Approach

An Overview for Financial Advisors



Coverage strategies
Policy design and carrier recommendation ​
Preliminary underwriting support​
Product comparisons ​
Meeting preparation ​
Summary in-force policy analysis​
Customized client recommendations​
Direct client consultation and discussion support​

Application & Underwriting

Application submission to insurance carrier​
Medical exam and record ordering​
Underwriting negotiations​
Direct client application processing​
Gathering of financial documents​
Underwriting navigation and decision support​

Policy Placement & Service

Policy delivery and payment processing​
Policy changes​
Benefit increase notifications ​



Coverage strategies*

Policy design and carrier recommendation*

Preliminary underwriting support​*

Product comparisons*​

Meeting preparation* ​

Summary in-force policy analysis​*

Customized client recommendations*​

Direct client consultation and discussion support*​

Application submission to insurance carrier​*

Medical exam and record ordering​*

Underwriting negotiations​*

Direct client application processing​*

Gathering of financial documents*​

Underwriting navigation and decision support​*

Policy delivery and payment processing*​

Policy changes​*

Benefit increase notifications* ​

Assistance with selecting the best carrier and products to solve client needs

Guided consultation on the most cost-effective and appropriate solution

Prescreen client existing medical conditions to determine the best recommendation per the client’s needs

A side by side comparison is provided for each client

Our consultants will help you prepare to present the recommendations prior to client meetings

Comparing recommendations against existing coverage limitations and shortfalls

A senior consultant will provide a detailed recommendation and coverage charts

A licensed senior consultant can support direct client meetings, discussions and decision making

One location to submit client applications no matter the carrier selected

Our staff will assist with the coordination of ordering medical records and other medical underwriting requirements

Upon an adverse underwriting decision our staff will work to compare decisions with the insurance marketplace to assure the best decision for the client

A licensed senior consultant will collect, sign and submit the application to the insurance carrier on behalf of the advisor

A licensed senior consultant will collect financial underwriting requirements using secure file transfer on behalf of the advisor

A licensed senior consultant will assist with direct client discussions and recommendations of underwriting decisions and options

Policy details and payment are confirmed with the insurance company

Supporting the requests of clients seeking policy changes and modifications

Pre-emptive outreach to notify the advisor and client of available increase option windows