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Help protect your client’s finances when they can’t work. Your client never expects to be in a position where they can’t work, but something as simple as a back injury or maternity leave could mean time off of work without pay. Fortunately, your client could receive benefits up to 50-70% of their salary through Disability Insurance.

supplemental life insurance combo strategy

Complement your Supplemental Life Insurance with employer-sponsored Supplemental Disability Insurance. Group LTD is an excellent foundation for income protection, but uncovered compensation due to LTD benefit maximums and exclusion of incentive pay may leave highly compensated employees financially vulnerable in the event of an interruption to income.
long term disability (LTD) income replacement analysis
LTD Plan Design – 60% to $10,000, Employer Paid (taxable)
42 employees are currently above the LTD plan maximum and are underinsured. In addition, the LTD benefit is taxable leaving many others in need of more coverage.

advantages of supplemental disability insurance

Up to 100% income replacement available Individually owned and 100% portable policies Guarantee Issue coverage available Substantial discounts compared to street pricing High maximum benefit options available Guaranteed level premiums Guaranteed benefits No impact to LTD rates
why idi appeals to employers and employees

Appeals to employees

Exposing the employee need
Benefit maximums Taxability of benefits Uninsured earnings

Appeals to employers

risk management
Employer Risk Diversification
Reduced exposure and experience volatility

Appeals to employees and employers

creates value
LTD/IDI benefit education Enrollment/communication Retain and attract Tailored and customized solutions

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For customers with long term disability plans in place.
idi – who needs it, who buys it, how to offer it
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