Income Protection Dashboard

Share the Message of Income Protection
Use these resources to demonstrate the power of income protection to your clients.
For the Workplace
GSI offers income protection insurance through an employer — without medical underwriting and at discounted rates.
If three or more people at an organization purchase income protection, they may be eligible for a 10 percent Multi-Life Discount.
For Individuals
The Standard’s Platinum Advantage offers comprehensive but flexible income protection to fit a variety of budgets.
The Family Care Benefit, available only from The Standard, provides benefits to replace lost income due to working fewer hours and earning less income to care for a family member with a serious health condition.
for the business owner

Business owners must protect their income and their business if they cannot work due to a serious illness or injury.

how to sell to business owners
Then share these materials with business owners to start the conversation.
Sales Tools and Ideas

If your expertise is in Financial Planning, Health Insurance or Life Insurance, watch these videos for tips on how to pivot the conversation to income protection.

The Disability Dialogue

The top three generations in the workforce all share similar financial concerns when it comes to lost wages.  About 71% of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials worry about lost income if they can’t work, and 52% worry about support if they do become disabled.  Even though these three generations have similar financial concerns, it’s important to understand what motivates each group to determine what a client may need or value in their current life stage. How do you start the conversation with individuals who are in different life stages and generations?

Tips for Quicker Underwriting

Here are three time-saving tools.

teleapp plus point-of-sale scheduling
Keep the sales momentum going by calling the TeleApp vendor to schedule the interview with your client. Done!
This flyer outlines five quick steps and includes a link to a client flyer.
DocFast can help you place more policies, receive commissions faster and cater to your clients’ lifestyles.
Producer Renewal Bonus
Platinum Advantage offers great earning potential with the opportunity to qualify for bonuses in the form of renewal commission and service fees.
Stay Connected With IDI Connect

The Standard’s IDI Connect provides monthly income protection sales insights.

A senior consultant will provide a detailed recommendation and coverage charts