Our Team

Andrew Kerr, DIA

Concierge Analyst

April Hanson, DIA

Product Analyst

Carter Kowalski, DIA

Account Manager

Chelsea Mucha, DIA

Implementation Specialist

George Davidson, CLU, ChFC, RHU, DIA, CLTC


Jose Bowen, DIA, DIF

Case Manager

Katiya Xiong, DIA

Vice President of Technology, Marketing, & Finance

Mary Catherine Davidson

Commissions & Contracting Manager

Matthew Riordan, DIA, LTCP

Vice President of Operations

Mitchell D. Nelson, DIA, CLTC


Oran Wetzel, DIA

Account Manager

Pang Xiong, DIA

Senior Case Manager

Ryan Blake, DIA

Client Experience Manager

Samantha Cross, DIA

Case Manager

Sarah Craig, DIA

Project Manager