A complete program for NAPFA members

The ultimate resource for all of your disability income protection needs.

A complete program for
NAPFA members

The ultimate resource for all of your disability income protection needs.

Acrisure is the fastest-growing, most profitable, and top-10 largest insurance distribution platform. With continued investments in artificial intelligence and technology, Acrisure is rethinking what an insurance broker can be – transforming the insurance value chain and delivering high-quality insurance and risk management solutions. Acrisure Agency Partners, Disability Specialists and Secura Consultants, have come together through alignment of interests and a partnership-driven culture, to offer NAPFA members and their clients with the best and most creative disability insurance products and solutions available in the marketplace today.

For NAPFA Members

NAPFA offers an annual open enrollment of Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) to its members that is easier to qualify for and more affordable than other options.

The NAPFA IDI program is NOT to be confused with the association’s Group Long Term Disability (Group LTD) Insurance.

The IDI policy is issued by Principal Life, an A+ rated insurance company, and it will stay with you even if you change employers.

You can add the IDI on top of the Group LTD.

Once the IDI policy is issued, no changes in premium or policy definitions can be made unless requested by you.

You may qualify on a Modified Guaranteed Issue basis up to the limits listed below.

Additional coverage may be available with medical underwriting.

Secura Consultants worked to develop NAPFA’s IDI Program so that members had a second option when it came to disability income protection through the association.

Disability Specialists specializes in designing and enrolling disability insurance plans for associations. We are proud to be the administrator of NAPFA’s IDI Program for its members each and every year!

Available products for age 55 and under

  • Disability Income up to 5,000/mo.
  • Overhead Expense up to $5,000/mo.
  • DI-Retirement Security up to $2,050/mo.

Available products for ages 56 - 60

  • Disability Income up to $5,000/mo.

To qualify for the Modified Guaranteed Issue benefit, you must NOT...

  • Have missed three consecutive days of work
  • Have been hospitalized or partially disabled in the six months prior to your application
  • Be currently enrolled in disability benefits
  • Be home-bound
  • Exceed the income requirements (you can enroll for less than the maximum)

Note that Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) monthly benefits...

  • Are available up to $35,000/mo. with underwriting approval

For Your Clients

As a fiduciary, your integrity to financial advice makes you stand out amongst the crowd.

In order to best serve your clients, you have shifted from a traditional to a holistic approach for the freedom to practice ethically and responsibly. However, this change required you to sacrifice your time, former resources, and ready-access information.

Now, when collaboration with outside resources is required, it can be difficult to know who you can trust to provide that same level of unbiased financial advice for you and your clients.

Secura Consultants, a long-time NAPFA Resource Partner, provides fee-only advisors with the fiduciary level review, consultation, and placement of life, disability, and long-term care solutions. Whether the risk is premature death, the inability to work due to poor health, or the need for extended care, we provide in-depth risk management with a fiduciary standard of care.

We created our Concierge services to uncover and solve the pitfalls of your clients’ coverage to better prepare them for the future of how insurance would fit into their long-term plan.

Disability insurance and continuing education

We seek to educate you on all the nuances of your clients’ existing coverage. Then, when it makes sense, we recommend ways to enhance those plans or replace them with more comprehensive disability income protection solutions.


Detailed policy review

We dive deep into contract language to provide clarity on how the policy will perform at claim time – going beyond the traditional gap analysis approach.

Modern tools and deliverables

We provide details that not only help your client make the right decision now, but also stay on top of their coverage in the future as their needs change.

Your rules, your process

Our mission is to make your life easier. We wait for you to bring us opportunities when it makes sense for your clients. We won’t complicate things with quotas or monthly check-ins.

Mitch Nelson, Chelsea Mucha, and the rest of the Secura Consultants team did a fantastic job of helping my client. From the very start, they prepared the most thorough disability analysis I've seen and were able to walk me through the nuances of each disability policy and company. I learned a great deal from this experience, and I walked away with the peace of mind knowing that my client was properly covered. I will definitely be using Secura Consultants again for my disability analysis.

Benjamin Jacobs, MS, CFP, EA, AIF

When it comes to long term disability and long term care insurance, it took many years before I found someone with the expertise that you will find in Secura Consultants. When working with them, your clients can count on excellent communication and high-quality service. They have a wealth of knowledge and serves as a great resource in the field of risk management.

James Bryan, CFP, ChFC

We have worked with Secura Consultants for several years now to bring specialization to our disability and long term care planning within our practice. Their work is thorough and organized in a very easy presentation for our clients to understand. Their approach lines up with our philosophy of being consultative with little sales pressure and we appreciate having them as a resource for our clients.

Shawn Jacobson, CFP, ChFC, MBA, MSFS

The team at Secura Consultants has helped me understand the nuances and limitations of group insurance policies. I now have richer conversations with my clients about their gaps in coverage and am able to secure the right supplemental insurance to insulate them from the unforeseen events that could derail their long-term goals. Leveraging Secura Consultants’ knowledge has ultimately made me a more valuable resource to the people I serve.

Danielle Seurkamp, MS, MPAS, FBS, CFP

Disability Impacts All of Us

1 in 4 adults in the United States has some type of disability.

Disability Specialists

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6465 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 920
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Toll-Free: 952-224-5400
Fax: 952-224-5409

20055 SW Pacific Highway, Suite 203
Sherwood, OR 97140
Toll-Free: 888-279-8304
Fax: 503-620-2099

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