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Guaranteed standard issue (gsi) program

MetLife Individual Disability Income’s Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) program can help provide your employees with more comprehensive income protection in the event of a loss of income due to a disability. By giving employees access to this valuable benefit, you are giving them the opportunity to increase their disability coverage and receive premium discounts.
10 Tips for
Supplemental Disability
No one knows what the future holds, so it’s important for you to do your best to prepare for what life may bring. Based on our experience in helping disability customers through an emotionally and financially difficult time, we created these “10 Simple Tips” to share our point of view and provide guidance and answers to common questions about disability insurance. Certainly, everyone’s circumstances are different, but these will help you get started and make the best decision based on your specific needs.


With a MetLife Individual Disability Income (IDI) Guaranteed Standard Issue program, you can sell multiple policies at one time and take advantage of MetLife DI’s extensive Customer Case Support.
1. Why should I sell DI through a GSI program?
2. What are the characteristics of groups that may be good candidates for a GSI program?
3. Are there groups and/or individuals within a group that are not eligible for a GSI program? If so, what groups and/or individuals?
4. What are the basic criteria a group must meet to be eligible for a GSI program?

advantages of a gsi program:
  • Noncancelable and/or Guaranteed Renewable coverage available
  • Benefits are generally tax-free, if premiums are employee paid with after-tax dollars
  • In conjunction with group LTD coverage, protects a larger percentage of the employee’s income
  • Limited medical underwriting
  • Unisex rates. Discounts to 35%
  • Individual tax forms generally not required if employer census is provided
  • Individual DI policies are portable


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long term

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Collaborative claims process
MetLife has implemented an enhanced claims process that helps ensure prompt and efficient service to claimants who are covered under a MetLife Individual Disability Income (IDI) policy and a Group Short Term and/or Long Term Disability plan (Group Plan) administered by MetLife. Under this process, the IDI and Group Disability claim examiners continuously collaborate and share information throughout the evaluation of the claims to make sure that all information is considered in reaching the respective claim determinations.
A senior consultant will provide a detailed recommendation and coverage charts