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Illinois Mutual is a 5th generation family-operated business, that has made it a priority to help the hardworking middle market to protect what they work so hard for. For more than 100 years, we have focused on helping our clients protect their paychecks, by offering flexible, affordable coverage for both individuals and business owners.

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The individual Personal Paycheck Power DI policy provides a benefit to help pay your basic monthly living expenses should you get sick or hurt and unable to work. For hardworking Americans, we have affordable options to help get you benefits quickly with our 30 day minimum elimination period; as well as benefit periods to help meet your clients’ needs and keep premiums within budget. Basic expenses to consider protecting include mortgage, rent, utilities, groceries, car payments, child care or credit card balances.

Our base benefits are guaranteed renewable to age 67, and offer 24 hour coverage, 7 days a week, on or off the job for accident or sickness. The base benefits are paid in addition to Social Security or workers’ compensation.


Return of Premium – ROP is an optional rider that helps provide DI coverage if you need it, your money back if you don’t. At age 65 or 67, you are eligible for receive a refund of 100% of paid policy premiums less any benefits you received. We have been selling ROP since 1972 and have returned over $119 million in premiums to ROP DI policyowners.

Guaranteed Insurability Option – As your income increases and your DI needs change, the GIO rider allows you to get additional DI coverage in the future without medical insurability. You can purchase up to $600 additional monthly coverage, up to 5 times, every 2 years, prior to reaching age 55.

simple underwriting limits

To offer a more streamlined underwriting process for your healthy clients, if they’re applying for $3,000 per month of benefit or less, we typically do not require tax returns or exams. With a full application, a prescription check and an MIB search, we can get the policy issued within TWO business days for good health cases. See flyer attached for more details.

Business Overhead Expense coverage

Business Overhead Expense coverage is a reimbursement plan to help cover the fixed ongoing expenses of the business, in the event the business owner becomes sick or hurt and unable to work. This is a great product to make sure the doors of the business stay open while the owner is recovering. Plus, you can add the Return of Premium rider which will give 100% refund of the premiums paid into the policy, less and benefits paid. It’s a win-win solution.

Business Owner Occupation Class Upgrade – Upgrades are available for business owners applying for individual DI or Business Expense, who have at least 20% ownership of the business and 2 consecutive years of profitable operations. An upgrade allows you to apply for optional benefits and riders and qualify for reduced premiums.

Business Owner Allowance –  If you are a business owner applying for individual DI coverage, we will increase your insurable net income by 25% in order to qualify for more base benefits.

5% Discount – As a business owner, you are eligible to receive a 5% premium discount if you apply for both an individual Personal Paycheck Power policy and Business Expense Power policy at the same time.

Quarterly Incentives and Fast Start Bonus

  • Agents are eligible to earn a minimum $300 cash bonus each quarter by submitting and paying for a minimum 2 DI applications for $2,000 annualized premium. Please see the flyer for additional bonus levels.
  • New agents who have yet to submit business with IM, by submitting and paying for the same 2 DI applications for $2,000 annualized premium requirement to reach Level 1 quarterly incentive, can also earn an additional $500 Fast Start Bonus!!
A senior consultant will provide a detailed recommendation and coverage charts