Our Unique Approach

An Overview for Employee Benefit Advisors



Block review
Coverage strategies
Program design and carrier recommendations

Guided client consultation

Application preparation and processing

Billing audit

Voluntary program development and enrollment
New hire and termination processing
Increase offer processing
Annual renewal review



Block review*

Coverage strategies*

Program design and carrier recommendation*​

Guided client consultation*

Application preparation and processing*

Billing audit*

Voluntary program development and enrollment*

New hire and termination processing*

Increase offer processing*

Annual renewal review*

With this unique benefit program, we will review, target, and present to your existing book of business to help increase your revenue by improving your placement percentage

Assistance with selecting the best carrier and products to solve client needs

Guided consultation on the most cost-effective and appropriate solution

A licensed senior consultant will assist you in the presentation of concepts, strategies, and solutions directly with your clients and prospects

Our implementation team will prepare application kits with the chosen carrier and provide support to retrieve the necessary applications for program launch

Our implementation team will review the first billing for accuracy to make sure enrollment of the new program goes smoothly as well as make sure new hires are properly processed

We can provide a robust enrollment platform utilizing electronic communication methods to increase voluntary program participation and engagement for a split revenue share of the opportunity

Our service team will provide on-going program management to help timely process new hires and terminations within the program

Each anniversary, our service team will collect and review increased income reporting for benefit increase eligibility and will work to process those increases efficiently

Our service team will engage each relationship to determine the program effectiveness in meeting their coverage needs